Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where oh where has my Mojo gone?

Can anyone help find my Mojo?

I think it is buried under an avalanche of junk on my scrap booking desk.......

Sorry I haven't posted for so long.

Life gets busy and before you know it, months have zipped by.

I had convinced my husband (finally) that we needed some chooks. I wanted three, he said two.

All set to make small chook pen, when he announces (in front of kids) that he would rather get two new cats than have chooks! Bad, bad move!

Before you know it, they were all on the Cat Haven web page, browsing cats for adoption.

So after a trip to the Cat Haven and many cuddles later, we came home with two adorable kittens. Roxy, the grey tabby girl is gorgeous. She loves a cuddle and a nice warm lap. Jimmy, the little black boy, purrs so loud he is like a small tractor engine. He is very frisky and playful and keeps us all entertained. Even the two older girls (cats) have taken to them and play with the Babies.

We have had a new patio built, which was fantastic. It has only taken a year from first quote, demolition of old to new one completed! Finally an undercover area for us to hang out in.

The other thing that has kept us busy is the cat garden we have built as well. It is an area for the cats to play outside safely. They have dirt to dig in, plants to play with and things to climb. We have been introducing them slowly to this area. (Jimmy loves the digging part, he looks like a dog and has dug up many plants).

Since I have started my "Part time" job (four days a week), I have not got as much time to scrapbook. It makes the times I book into Just Scrap booking more important and I try to make the most of it.

I have been enjoying the "Book of Me" classes that Jordie and Lou have been teaching as well. I will take photos of some of my Layouts to show, but not tonight.

So if you happen to see my Mojo moping around anywhere, dust it off, smack it's bum and post it home! I will pay postage, I promise!!!!!!!!!!

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